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Damien and Bun Bun

Damien and Bun Bun

Currently living at:
Rabbit Rescue Adoption Center
5 years
August, 2018

These 2 were first rescued because they were going to be fed to snakes. They are super sweet and affectionate. They love to play and binkie all over the house.

BunBun says
I am a sweet brown/black bunny girl. I am ok with having other pets in the house. I am very trusting and i love massages.

Damien says
I am a grumpy little lionhead boy. I am bigger than Bunbun and will use that to protect her from anybunny. I will lunge at you if i get grouchy, but dont take it personally thats just how I was born.

We are a sweet pair of lionheads. We are not the biggest fans of children; we prefer to go to an all-adult home. Do not separate us, we wont be able to live without each other.