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hard plastic cover for wires runs along the baseboardsRight above the baseboard is the hard plastic cord cover that adheres to the wall. Wider sizes are available. Note corner joint. These are great covers. I got mine at Home Depot.

A chicken wire rabbit baffle behind the TVHeavy-duty chicken wire bent and tightly tucked in on each side of our T.V. Cabinet. If the item is up on legs, a board can be placed between the back of the cabinet and the wires to prevent access from underneath.

an exercise pen set up for 2 bunniesAn example of an exercise pen used to house two small bunnies. The pen is flexible and can fit in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the rabbit's needs or your space limits. Some pens come with a gate that can be opened to allow the rabbits easy access to the rest of the house. This pen is arranged 6 feet long by 2 feet across but you can shape them according to your needs.. Extra pens can be added for more room. (Bigger plastic mats can be found at office supply stores).This flooring consists of a plastic runner on the bottom to protect carpet, then newspaper for a little extra absorbency "just in case", then carpet, toys, boxes, etc.

two-story condo for bunny This is a customized (we double the original size for small buns and get them bigger for couples) two story "Metro Condo" from KW Cages. This is a great way to give the rabbits more space to move around in without taking up more floor space in your home. The ramp promotes good hip & back health and KW will customize to just about any measurements. The bigger the cage, the bigger the price - but our first Condo is 12 years old and holding up great.

a typical litterbox This is the litterbox set-up described in our article. An inch of recycled paper product and a LOT of hay at all times.